Who I am

My name is Gary Booth. I am English and I live in the North West of England (just outside of Manchester).

I am very happily married to Chris, and we have two grown up children, and two young grandchildren.

I have run my own small consultancy business since 1998. Before that I was permanently employed in the IT industry – starting off as a software developer in 1986, and eventually working my way up to a senior IT project management role.

What I do

My consultancy business (WebSkillsHub Ltd) specialises in providing a business architecture/analysis service and a solution analysis/design service.

My clients are large organisations such as banks, major retailers, insurance companies, government departments and utility companies.

A typical engagement consists of a short term contract (typically 6 months) during which time I assist them to design and deliver a major business transformation.

My specialism is improving profitability by designing and implementing lean business systems underpinned by the smart use of technology.

Visit my LinkedIn page for a full list of the organisations I have worked with and the programmes/projects I have worked on.

Why you might be interested in this website

Despite only providing my service to large organisations I have always had a passion for small businesses.

This is because I’ve run my own small business since 1998; my dad ran his own small building business from before I was born; and I believe small businesses are the backbone of all thriving economies.

For the reasons given above I have always wanted to somehow use the skills/experience I have accumulated over my career to help small businesses increase their profits.

However, I realise my typical engagement model is not a good fit for most small businesses because they don’t typically run large scale business transformation programmes.

As a result they are not able to commit to a long enough contract to make working with them a worthwhile enough proposition for my own small business.

Until recently I have struggled to find a way to help small businesses without jeopardising the profitability of my business. This website is my attempt to resolve this problem.

I plan to populate it with free content that will help small businesses to become better businesses, where better means - happier customers, happier employees and increased profits (in that order).

I will begin by documenting my own journey to design, build and launch a new service for my own business.

I hope you will join me for the ride, which will inevitably involve a few ups and downs :o)

Cheers, Gary.