I’ve wanted to add a product-based income stream to my business for a while now. My rationale for this is my business only has a single (fee-for-service) income stream, which exposes me to more risk than is sensible - i.e. if I’m not actively engaged on a client project my revenue immediately reduces to £0 :o(

For various reasons (excuses) I haven’t devoted the necessary amount of time to design, build and launch this second income stream. That’s about to change!

I plan to document my ‘warts and all’ journey from coming up with a product idea to having a product that’s making consistent sales.

If that sounds interesting to you please be sure to regularly visit the Launch section of this website.

Enjoy the trip :o)

P.S. I plan to upload content into the Launch section on a regular basis, so please check back often.

P.P.S. The vast majority of posts will contain actionable content to help you design, build, launch and sell your own product.